To reach Paris Agreement Objectives : cut GHG emissions now !

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COP21 was the last chance meeting to reach an international agreement on climate change.

COP23 is the last chance meeting to engage successful Climate Action. Why ?

Because, if we want to stop GLOBAL WARMING now, 2018 is the last year to engage fast GHG reduction and reach:
+1.5°C : requiring -7% GHG emissions per year
+2°C : requiring -5% GHG emissions per year

Each extra year will cost +0.1°C of global warming, so it needs to be decided now by COP22 and COP23 leaders #COP22 #COP23

This is the findings of fairly small research teams at The Shift Project and Saving Our Planet. Both NGOs have independently conducted straightforward investigations of what needed to be done to fulfill the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signe at COP21 in 2015. The beauty of the process is that both teams worked independently during COP22… only to find out that they had addressed the same question and come to similar conclusions when posting the results on Twitter !

And those results are surprisingly consistent not only between one another, but also with previous estimates of the required GHG emission reduction targets for the Paris Agreement :


Now, these results will be shared with more expert groups. But everyone can now take a measure of what is required to prevent even more catastrophic consequences of the ongoing climate transition.




STOP : arrêtons le #réchauffementclimatique maintenant ! Réduire rapidement les emissions de #GES dès 2018 permettrait d’atteindre les objectifs de l’Accord de Paris sur le Climat de la COP21 :
+ 1.5°C : -7 % d’émissions de GES par an (estimation de Saving Our Planet)
+ 2°C : -5 % d’émissions de GES par an (estimation de The Shift Project)
Chaque année supplémentaire coûtera + 0.1°C de réchauffement global de la planète, donc demandons-le maintenant aux COP22 et COP23 #COP22#COP23


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