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We are 50 scientists, engineers, writers, researchers, computer professionals, communications experts, business people, scholars, environmentalists, activists and citizens. We came from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK and the USA, for a 2-day meeting in Amsterdam.

In common: a conviction that the world needs nuclear energy.

More specifically: a fierce determination to pool our efforts and do what we can to preserve Europe’s nuclear capacity and create the conditions in which that capacity will grow.

The result: after two half-day sessions of intense debate expertly but ruthlessly chaired by Michael Shellenberger, the founder of California-based Environmental Progress, our impromptu group morphed into the Nuclear Pride Coalition, and planned a Nuclear Pride Fest to be held in Munich, Germany on Sunday October 21st.

As two of our members have already posted riveting blogs about the meeting and the plans, I won’t try to repeat their work but will point you to their blogs.

But first, a delightful prelude to our serious stuff occurred when a a Dutch anti-nuclear group, WISE, got wind of our endeavour and tried to mock us by setting up a stand called “Museum of Outdated Technologies” in front of our building. Eric Meyer, executive director of Generation Atomic and incidentally an opera singer, quickly rehearsed the 50 of us to accompany him in a song “We can’t help falling in love with U”. Then we filed out and serenaded the WISE group and gave them some flowers. Everybody in both groups had a good laugh, and WISE went away. Have a look!

Rainer Klute is a computer scientist from Germany and chairman of Nuklearia, a group set up to provide accurate information about nuclear energy. Rainer’s blog is in German, here with photos from the Amsterdam meeting. Click “Translate” to get a reasonable English translation.

Iida Ruishalme from Finland wrote about the nuclear stigma, our meeting, and the reasons for wanting to celebrate Nuclear Pride Fest, on her blog Thoughtscapism. Iida is a cell biologist, author, environmentalist, member of the Finnish Ecomodernist society and of Mothers for Nuclear.

Our work isn’t over. 500 fingers are tapping away daily, making plans. Come one and all to Munich on 21 October. It will be fun. Promise.

Julie Wornan

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