Climate school in Alanya, Turkey, by Saving Our Planet.

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Saturday, April, I had the joy and honour of delivering a Climate Seminar – On behalf of «SAVING OUR PLANET» and arranged and supported by Alanya Rotary International.

The response was phenomenal. I think that around 35 people attended, and among them were many young, enthusiastic people and concerned grandparents.

Students and teachers from Bahçeşehir Koleji  and a student from Doğa school of Alanya made the event extraordinary successful. In two ways: By being present in a very enthusiastic way, showing their involvement and high motivation very clearly – and in addition by adding some amazingly creative posters – decorating the walls of the venue, thus in a clearly artistic and creative way showing that these students really want to act on Climate Change.

It was a 2 hour program, and the main ingredients and take-home messages were:


  • The causes of Climate Change
  • How serious it is
  • Why immediate global action is extremely important
  • What the consequences of non-action will be
  • Why our entire civilisation is at risk
  • How religious and spiritual movements have been supporting the climate movements
  • The efforts to raise awareness  by «Saving Our Planet»
  • The websites and
  • Why people do so little despite knowing so much
    • Different levels of of denial: Intellectual, emotional and political
    • The role of psychological defence mechanisms
    • The role of media
    • The role of politicians
  • The importance of fast decarbonisation of our energy supply and how we can do it
  • The economics involved in this: We CAN afford this transition
  • Climate change in Turkey
  • Main consequences of Climate Change are here already:
    • Melting of Ice – Greenland – Antarctica – North Pole
    • Sea levels reising
    • Droughts
    • Droughts in Syria and the Syrian war
    • Climate Refugees
    • Water Crisis
    • Food Scarcity
    • Wildfires
    • Extreme weather events
    • Ocean acidification and pollution by plastic
    • Species extinction
  • We do not see the dangers before it is too late
  • Exponential growth is about to kill us
    • Population
    • Consumption pr capita
    • Food production
  • How we can protect our planet
    • Moving to clean energy – quickly!  Including James Hansen´s views on the importance of nuclear power in this.
    • Reduce consumption – reuse – recycle
    • Move from meat based (especially beef) diet to plant based diet
    • Reduce home energy use as much as possible – and how.
    • Change our transportation methods as much as possible
  • Grassmovements are mobilising against Climate Change globally. But this process needs to speed up, so we all have to contribute. We do not have time!!
  • We need a wake up call similar to the one the Pearl Harbour attack caused in USA during WWII. We are at war against Climate Change, and it is our continued existence that is at stake. And it CAN be done.
  • Barack Obama: We are the first generation feel the effect of Climate Changed the last generation who can do something about it.
  • Robert Swann: The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
  • The last part of the seminar was a walkthrough of a list of what each of of can and should do. Starting NOW.
  • The list is divided in three parts:
  • We ended up by inviting to a full Climate School in order to go deeper in the subjects, and in addition
  • A Call To Action: No More Talking – its time to act.
  • The result of this Call to Action is that a group of 14 people (among them many young people, students and teachers) have decided to meet to form an action group, developing concrete ideas about how to continue from here.

The slideshow for the seminar is packed with inspiring and highly motivating graphic material and videos.

I´m looking very much forward to go on working with this.

To access a collection of images from the event: CLICK HERE!


Please contact me or SAVING OUR PLANET if you wish a similar event in your group or community!

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen 



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