George Monbiot, Honorary Member of Saving Our Planet!

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We are pleased to announce that George Monbiot, British author, journalist and regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper on environmental topics, has agreed to become an Honorary Member of Saving Our Planet.

George Monbiot’s most recent books:

Out of the Wreckage – A New Politics for an Age of Crisis

How Did We Get into This Mess? – Politics, Equality, Nature

Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding

Bring on the Apocalypse: Six Arguments for Global Justice

Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning


George Monbiot’s articles on Climate Change include:

The Smog Chancellor – Who is the world’s leading environmental vandal? The answer may surprise you.

Don’t Look Now – The media avoids the subject of climate breakdown – to do otherwise is to bring the entire infrastructure of thought crashing down

The Pollution Paradox – Dirty industries spend more on politics, keeping us in the fossil age.

The Drums of War – The combination of automation, complexity and climate change is dangerous in ways we haven’t even begun to grasp.

The Flight of Reason – Sorry, but you cannot build new runways and prevent climate breakdown

What Lies Beneath – It’s a simple choice: stop all fossil fuel prospecting, or break the Paris agreement on climate change.

The Purse is Mightier Than the Pen – The climate crisis is here, now, but a compromised, corrupted media doesn’t want to know.

Mumbo-Jumbo Jets – I see the people on trial for occupying a runway at Heathrow as democratic heroes.

Sacrifice – The joints of meat that do more damage than a long-haul flight

Life and Death – The remarkable decline in violence between humans suggests that we could also restrain our violence against the planet.

Cop-Out – The COP21 climate talks in Paris were not the success that governments claim, but a disastrous failure.

A Storm of Ignorance – Censoring official advice, stripping the hills and rivers, the government ensures that disasters like the Cumbria floods will keep recurring.

Look Around – There are plenty of real problems with aircraft emissions. But thousands of people are obsessed instead with a fairy tale.

Churchill Syndrome – Why is the government so quick to bomb, yet so slow to act on climate change?

Nothing to See Here – In the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century (so far), Indonesia has been blotted out by smoke. And the media.

China Syndrome – We should stop recycling the old “Yellow Peril” myth. The people most hostile to action on climate change are American and British, not Chinese.

A Prehistory of Violence – It now looks as if the greatest mass extinction on Earth – 250 million years ago – was caused by fossil fuel burning.

A Hole in the System – The outrageous, untold story of how big business dumps its costs on us.

Applauding Themselves to Death – Why the UN climate talks have wasted 23 years, and how this can change.

A State Licence to Rob the Public – The government has torpedoed its promised community energy revolution – to the benefit of big business.

Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power


– Julie Wornan

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