Call for Climate Action

By Stephan Savarese 18th September 2016

Call for Climate Action

By Stephan Savarese 18th September 2016

Saving Our Planet (SOP) calls for effective climate action now!

A few weeks before COP22, we realized that the widening gap between political gestures and the weakness of the actual reaction in the field of operations is creating ever more damage to the environment and the community of humans. Extreme weather patterns, more polluting coal plant construction, postponed emission regulations bring us every day closer to the brink of massive species extinction, desert extension and inland flooding. Even environmental NGOs are confused and struggle with conflicting interests, adding to the confusion.

So we just created Saving Our Planet (SOP), an international NGO advocating cimate change awareness and education, striving to bring to the top of the political and environmental agenda the mere fact that climate change is the worst danger we ever faced. We have a clear message for all:

1. Climate change is the most urgent environmental crisis : missing the +2C target shatters nature’s balance everywhere and jeopardizes each and every ecosystem

2. We will not passively watch a century of environmental conservation be torn apart within ten years, as a result of failing to EXIT COAL NOW!

3. We must reverse the trend of GHG emissions before 2020 — or it will be too late. If we do not fill the 2C gap between the trajectory of +4C we’re following now, and the +2C objective, we’ll miss the +2C target. There are only a few years to fill the 2C gap.

4. We are already risking a Blue Ocean event by 2025, which means endangering the survival of all polar mammals. The dwindling arctic sea ice volume means repeated Blue Ocean events that would kill them all!

5. We have already shattered the +1C global warming glass ceiling: why shy away from strong, coercive action and climate justice measures, and risk irreversibly blowing past the +2C target? How can one imagine to “adapt” to massive climate migrations when Mediterranean and European nations get destabilized? What we are experiencing now is only the beginning! How can one imagine that we can “adapt” to multi-meter sea level rise before the end of this century? This is what COP22 should be about, not outdated debates about the right of emerging countries to copy the fossil-fuel based development model of the 20th century. It’s just too late for that. On the other hand, low-carbon countries have a right to insist that high-carbon countries quickly take down their GHG emissions: in the case of Germany and the USA, they are 2 and 3 times more than the world average (5 tCO2/capita/year).

6. France and Sweden are the two development models to follow in Europe, rather than Germany, which undermines the prominent role of climate change and GHG emissions in its national strategy for sustainable devlopment (…/160719HLPFReportSustDev.p…). Germany fails to address the crucial point that, no matter how hard we strive for the 17 SDGs, it will be pointless if we miss the +2C target, because everything will be lost. Only two Europan Union member states have more than 10 million inhabitants and a low-GHG emissions electric power mix, less than 100 gCO2eq/kWh. Worldwide, less than 20 countries enter this category: Brasil, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Albania, Kirghizistan, Georgia, Tadjikistan, Nepal, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, DRC.

The worlwide mobilization against Climate Change needs to start now: please support Saving Our Planet worldwide and sign our petition #ExitCoalNow #SortirDuCharbon

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