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The reality of climate change is becoming accepted by ever more people, but a general grasp of its causes and solutions remains evasive. For example, over 40% of French people believe that nuclear power plants contribute strongly to climate change.

Whether due to ignorance or lack of courage in the face of strong anti-nuclear movements, some governments have made decisions which, in the name of combatting climate change, are actually detrimental to that goal.

Will common sense prevail? A group of scientists and environmental activists are calling upon policy makers in Germany and Belgium to reverse decisions to shut down functioning nuclear power plants and replace them by fossil power plants. 

They have written an open letter to the German government:  For the Future of Humanity: Climate Policy with Nuclear Energy. See the letter here.

In Poland, more than 100 scientists, intellectuals and activists have signed a similar letter to the government of their neighbouring country Germany, pointing out that the premature closure of the nuclear power plants will have catastrophic consequences for the planet and for humanity. You can read their open letter here.

Despite having spent hundreds of billions on renewable energy subsidies, Germany still uses coal to generate almost 40% of its electricity and has essentially failed to reduce its CO2 emissions since 2009.

-Julie Wornan

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